The future of Constituency No.4: NextGen SKN


By NextGen SKN

Steve Wrensford vision to put No.4 Back on Track

The candidacy of Wrensford and NextGen SKN comprise a vision that will turn night into day; and afford Constituency No.4 will be the next economic hub in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

In so doing, NextGen SKN will focus on the development of downstream agricultural, fishing, and cultural capacity, in consultation with the people of Constituency No.4 to achieve the following;

  1. We will create a “tax-free” zone. This is more than jobs. It is a better quality of life for all with the benefits passing on for generations to come.
  2. The creation of 200 hundred new housing lots, equipped with green areas for community parks; and accompanying primary school.
  3. The construction of a 10-bed polyclinic – wellness center. Additionally, the other health facilities in the Constituency will be upgraded.
  4. Within our first 100 days in office, we are going to start the much-needed and long-overdue renovation and upgrade of Verchilds High School including the playing fields. We will also put in new facilities for music, art, business, technology development, and research.
  5. Within our first 100 days, we will start a massive agricultural project to expand 100 orchards on the mountainsides. We will not just produce many different varieties of fruits, but we will also get into using the fruits as raw materials for a wider range of value-added products like jellies, jams, health-drinks, and salads.
  6. We will also put in place, the infrastructure and links for a farmers’ market.
  7. We already have a substantial fishing complex but this will be expanded to include a hatchery that will help to compensate for the decline in the availability of fish in our region. Many of our grounds have been fished out and the fisherfolk have to go further and further out to sea to catch anything. With the hatchery, we can easily replenish our catch and have an abundance of fish for our community and for export.
  8. St Kitts is a storehouse of history and heritage tourism. We have many natural sites in our Constituency. The rain forest trails are overgrown. There are no facilities in an area with countless potential for heritage tourism and sustainable development. The development of our historic sites will create new options, especially for our skilled young people, to elevate real value to live, work, and play in Constituency No.4.

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The Team Unity government and present member of parliament Lindsay Grant have ignored us completely. By now, everyone knows that Grant cannot be trusted. He has been caught in seemingly “scandal after scandal,” and conceivably “fraud after fraud”.

The NextGen SKN labour government and I will make sure that we undo the damage that Grant and his people have done, and ensure we are Back on Track with our development.

My record is impeccable. My record of service to my community speaks for itself. I have the support of our leader, Dr Denzil Douglas, who wants to ensure that we experience sustainable development in our country, especially in this area. We will not be ignoring our fathers, mothers, and senior citizens. We will begin our term of office with a review of all the government facilities and services to see how we can improve them. We need to ensure that there are no long delays for service and that our facilities in No. 4 can deal with all issues. This is something we will do as a government and each of us will spearhead throughout the Constituency.

We want to ensure better service as part of a better life for all – health is wealth. For our young, Sports development is not just a pathway to ensure that our children are healthy, are off the streets, and not cultivate a life comparable to Team Unity Government (TUG) – with the need to construct a new police station, but more visionary, to ensure that all the sporting facilities are upgraded.

The NextGen SKN vision for Constituency No.4 is wholesome and forms part of the participatory democracy that emphasizes the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of our political systems.

This account for reasons why Constituency No.4 should not re-elect Grant:

  1. The man people knew as “Chicken Little” during the 2010 election campaign, was allegedly caught on camera accepting a “carrot and stick” and “selling” our country to foreigners even before the election. This is why the people of Constituency No. 4 rejected him in 2010 and must do so again, on June 5.
  2. If a client cannot trust him with a million dollars, how can you trust him to be a minister of government responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of your money? NO.
  3. Recently, the talk from PAM is that Grant’s campaign manager, Clive Webster is saying that Grant is power-hungry to become prime minister. PAM and TUG are not only falling out, they are falling apart. Stay far from them.
  4. Grant has not kept his many promises to the constituents and now it is worse, with his licence, law practice, and career hanging online. Constituency No.4 deserves better than Grant and TUG.
  5. In this election, Grant is trying to get your votes. But he has no room on the Frigate Bay Development Corporation Board for the people from Challengers to New Guinea who voted for him in 2015. The voters in Constituency No. 4 must tell Grant to go to his big-shot drinking buddies for votes. On June 5, you are voting for Steve Wrensford.
  6. Grant cannot even finish something – simple as restrooms on the Frigate Bay Strip, that should have been finished since June 2019. A vote for Wrensford will get the job done.
  7. The two PAM leaders, Shawn and Grant – as well as Dr Harris Team Unity Government (TUG) seem unwilling for whatever reason to help University students from Constituency No. 4 return home. Grant knows how the students, their friends, and families feel about the way they have been treated and he is afraid of the price he will have to pay for his heartless disregard.

June 5, election day, is the answer – the great equalizer and a new day for Constituency No. 4.

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