The permanent pregnant government of St Lucia, unable to deliver


Leadership involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others through information, knowledge, and methods to realize that foresight.

Besides the government of Saint Lucia infamous campaign slogan – “Time to Deliver”- the opposite is true. Ostensibly, the country is permanently pregnant with false flags and an administration that is unable to deliver, either surgically assisted or by practical socio-economic methods.

Caribbean News Global slu_parliament The permanent pregnant government of St Lucia, unable to deliver

The government of Saint Lucia has failed to deliver on this basic concept, albeit more favourably wrapped in promises, illusion and Machiavellian style methods – say it loud, communicate with an authoritarian impact, even if it is false – noteworthy in a post-truth era.

Simultaneously, that narrative is heavily directed at the said 30 percent, characterise as “illiterate” – however, fluent in Creole, a ‘foreign language’ to the prime minister of Saint Lucia.

Then consider this quote from leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Philip J. Pierre: “I am no showman, nor am I an actor, my detractors say I stammer but I rather stammer the truth than be speaking lies eloquently [a strategic commodity that points to prime minister Allen Chastanet and tells apart leadership traits.]”

Moreover, contemplate Pierre’s response to criticisms that he is “weak” – absent of critics’ narrative to support convincing arguments, inclusive of ‘shameless constitutional delinquents.’

Nevertheless, Pierre pushed back assertively:

  • I am a weak man? I challenged Romanus Lansiquot when everybody was afraid of him and I defeated him?
  • I am a weak man who transformed the whole taxi service in Saint Lucia. Do you call that weak?
  • Am I am a weak guy to have dealt with international financial institutions when it came to international financial services – you call that weak?”
  • Look at my performance in the ministries that I held: You call that a weak person?

By all indications, Pierre is well-read, measured and cautious to irrational decisions in contrast to the current “leadership and government of Saint Lucia.” Besides affirming, “No one can tell me that my track record says I cannot be prime minister of Saint Lucia. There is nothing in my record except speculation,” Pierre said.

“Saint Lucia is in a state where we elected a government, we thought would be better. The government has not done better,” Pierre said at the Town-Hall meeting of the SLP in Soufriere. “It will not do better, but because the time has come when you have to cast a verdict on that government they tell you what they did not do for three and a half years – four years, they will do all of it in one year.”

Pierre further explained: “You found yourself in a position where you left what you had for what you had not seen yet and got a ‘Jab en sac’,” he asserted. “Let the labour party continue to give you what you want – a Saint Lucia for yourself; a Saint Lucia for the young people; a Saint Lucia where you will feel proud to be a Saint Lucian – where, not because you express a contrary opinion you can’t get a job.”

Above and beyond the principles mentioned, here-in, there are notable aspects of leadership, communication methods and economic theories that favour opposition leader Pierre ethos – a people-centered approach to economic development and prosperity for the majority.

Caribbean News Global slu_facts The permanent pregnant government of St Lucia, unable to deliver

“Speaking lies eloquently”, has resulted in a tale of chaos, pain, and confusion that comes with profound risk, a permanently pregnant government of Saint Lucia, unable to deliver.

Absent a reversal of fortune to leadership and a country that requires democratic governance, sound socio-economic judgment and practical measures towards a new economy that priorities strategic thinking and long-term economic stability, “ We are experiencing a systematic dismantling of the processes and institutions that were intended to support good governance,” Pierre explained addressing the annual conference of the SLP in 2017.


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