The political landscape in St Lucia is in shambles

Herod Stanislas and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet at Cabinet annual tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts December 16, 2020

Dear Sir

The political landscape in Saint Lucia is in shambles and will remain in this ethos irrespective of a change in the political authority, following the expected general elections in 2021. As provocative this statement is, the historical analysis of the political landscape accompanied by the bench, using a sports orientation, supports the evidence.

A quick reference of current politicians approaching retirement, the combined persona of the freshmen/women and prospectives are major concerns. In fact, the horde of politicians and persons designated to make decisions and control the levers of power in Saint Lucia is frighting on the expectation for the future.

This is except for the long legacy of Philip J Pierre, the current leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP). The pillar of an SLP’s victory, now, and the immediate future.

This does not take away, a very profound personality disorder that make-up a major component of parliamentarians, inclusive of those hasty to assume leadership of either political party, believing much of their – addiction to fantasy.

The natural disorder is flying blind to the end game that the results of the general elections will leave a mountain of debt, legal jeopardy and a likely prime minister in the person of Philip J Pierre, with little room to manoeuvre. I remain convinced, however, that he is the best suited and marketable persona – outside of the popularity contest and fake incubators of pompous “bobbleheads” – with the skill-set to the dynamics of a reformative agenda.

Recent polling by both political parties is consistent with the metrics of a functioning 20st-century that confers a huge opportunity on us to emerge creative from the shambles that exists.

Recent surveys in one political camp crystalize a 9/8 majority for the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP). Another data point carries a 13/3 – 13/4 consistently. Polls are just that; a snapshot in time. Mobilization on polling day and counting votes – is another kettle of fish.

My current perception is driven towards a two-seat majority, notwithstanding, as bad as life is, there are significant underpinnings not revealed openly in Saint Lucia.

The presumption of this worst-case scenario and a pack of cards to play, will require reaching outside the political dinosaurs that are not relevant beyond their immediate environment and self-centred agenda. And for that matter, their assumed importance/relevance outside of a political party apparatus when in office, crystalize their tortured selves.

Making a drastic change to reformulate the political and economic shambles of the country is a must. In the absence of a reformulation/reformat across party lines, Saint Lucian society will continue to disintegrate.

Moreover, the triumph of democracy, free-market economics and the decisions of world-powers that determine domestic policy and economic growth, has a very profound influence for modifications internally, notwithstanding internal party struggles and the feelings of disquiet. A natural reaction to change.

Now, while I do not intend to examine methodically of polling data relating to sample size, demography, type of questions and structure, it remains relevant that the base of both political parties and the influence of financial incentives, corruption and hypocrisy are recurring decimals. And yes, the votes of millennials matter.

What we now know amid general elections preparation are crusaders masquerading – to share amid COVID-19 pandemic and Christmas celebrations. These cartels of partisan dogmatism are doing everything to exploit the opportunity.

Caribbean News Global A-Christmas-campaign The political landscape in St Lucia is in shambles
A Christmas campaign

The latest masquerade of toys/personal care items purchased by the governing apparatus and the sunset legislation/incentives passed in the last sitting of parliament is meant to stifle the opposition and propagate – a kick start to the general election campaign.

With extreme fringes, domestic media giants cower to the demands of government for their survival. This makes it extremely difficult in a small media market to contend. More so, when the governing political party has influence and/or ownership interest in media establishments.

The result is such that the presumptive democratic society of laws become unconvincing to best-placed sources witnessing an astonishing spectacle of campaign paraphernalia de-stuffed from a container port in Castries. The markings and contents were visible to reflect the governing party.

So, while the majority of Saint Lucians’ are tortured over their shortcomings and existence at Christmas and the New Year non-celebrations – there is an escalating presumptive election campaign, creatively designed in the legacy of “slavery masters to their slaves” tormenting wobble existence.


Monica Fevrier


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