Trinidad and Tobago national security minister unfit for office

National Security Minister Stuart Young

Dear Sir

Stuart Young continues to show that he is unfit to hold any public office in Trinidad and Tobago. During this tenure as minister of national security, crime has spiralled out of control and rather than do the dignified and respectable thing and resign, he has opted for scandal and propaganda.

The Dr Keith Rowley regime has spent the last few years making excuses for their incompetence, ineptitude and failure and offered no solutions.

During this campaign season, Young has sunk to a new low even for him, to make a horrific and traumatic crisis like “human trafficking” a political football.

The fact remains that during his tenure as minister of national security, the borders are more porous than ever before, with thousands of Venezuelans entering unchecked. The minister led the charge on the failed migrant registration programme, on which there has been no update.

Young’s comments in the media is an act of pure desperation. It is evidence of a man who has failed as a minister and as a member of parliament and is now following his leader’s example of saying anything to hold on to power.

Young could have used the time to account to the nation for his tenure, instead, we got dangerous political propaganda showing Young is not fit to hold any office. The entire nation is fed up with this brand of politics.

The people have had enough. On August 10, the people of Trinidad and Tobago will show Dr Rowley’s administration that it is time to move forward with new politics.

Senator Anita Haynes


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