UNCTAD special adviser for the blue economy


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GENEVA, Switzerland — Dona Bertarelli is the special adviser of UNCTAD for the Blue Economy. She was named by UNCTAD secretary-general Mukhisa Kituyi in June 2020. She is the fastest woman to sail around the world, a philanthropist, ocean conservation advocate, and entrepreneur.

Her love of the ocean and offshore sailing has taken her across the world’s waters, inspiring her work in conservation. In her role as UNCTAD’s new special adviser for the blue economy, she promotes a sustainable and regenerative blue economy, particularly in developing countries and small island developing States.

As special adviser, she brings expertise, innovation and vision to her new role. Her multi-stakeholder approach of combining science, technology and education on one hand, and working with governments as well as with local communities on the other, adds immense value to UNCTAD’s work on the blue economy.

The Swiss sailor, ocean conservation advocate and philanthropist will help the UN trade and development body promote the responsible use of our ocean, seas and coasts for economic growth.



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