US contributes to OAS cybercrime program


WASHINGTON, USA — The Organization of American States (OAS) formalized a contribution from the United States government of $639,015 to the OAS Cybercrime Program, a training and technical assistance initiative carried out in accordance with the mandates of the meetings of the ministers of justice or other ministers or attorneys general of the Americas (REMJA).

In partnership with the US Department of Justice, the OAS program trains judges, investigators and prosecutors on investigative and prosecutorial techniques, the admissibility of electronic and digital evidence, legislative drafting, as well as the importance of legal cooperation.

The OAS welcomes the United States’ contribution, the third since 2015, and its continued support for the invaluable work of the Organization to combat cybercrime and transnational crime. This partnership demonstrates our shared hemispheric commitment to protecting citizens and businesses from high tech crime across the Western Hemisphere.




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