US pressure strategy against Venezuela fails, says Arreaza

Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza at the government headquarters, Caracas, Venezuela, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @avnve

CARACAS, Venezuela, (teleSUR) — Venezuela’s foreign affairs minister Jorge Arreaza stressed that the maximum pressure strategy against his country is a resounding failure of the US elites, who are disconnected from reality and do not understand the Bolivarian people’s resistance.

The minister said that the US ruling class knows nothing about the reality of Venezuela and “much less about Chavismo and its historical, political, and social role.” He also explained that the US elite bases its actions and opinions on fictitious data.

“The information is not even inaccurate. It is false, absurd, and ideological beyond belief,” Arreaza said and stressed that “they have not been able and will not be able to fight Venezuela. The Venezuelan people not only resist but advance.”

As a result of this disconnection from reality, the Donald Trump administration has spread its “Manichean script and outlandish spiel” in its attempt to depose Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro.

Regarding the appearance of the US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Arreaza stressed that this hearing resulted in a “double tragedy” as Abrams accumulates defeats against the Bolivarian government.

“Hollywood has made the world believe that Washington has all the resources to get accurate information on any imaginable matter. The reality, however, is very different,” he said.

Besides showing that US foreign policy is based on false assumptions, the audience became a “spectacle of lies, ignorance, and arrogance.”

Senator Chris Murphy rebuked Abrams for his inefficiency in the plan to overthrow president Maduro, which confirmed the complaints presented by the Venezuelan executive about destabilizing strategies against its country.


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