Venezuela – Mexico to boost bilateral cooperation

Venezuela's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Rander Peña (R) and Mexico's Chargé d'Affaires in Caracas Mauricio Vizcaino (L). | Photo: Twitter/ @RanderPena

MEXICO, (teleSUR) – Venezuela’s foreign affairs vice-minister Rander Peña and Mexico’s Chargé d’affaires Mauricio Vizcaino had a meeting to boost cooperation between their nations.

“We agreed on a roadmap to give continuity to the deals taken between both governments to boost our economies,” Peña tweeted after the meeting, which took place at the foreign ministry headquarters in Caracas.

In November 2020, Vizcaino also met with Venezuelan vice-minister for multilateral affairs Daniela Rodriguez to address issues such as strengthening Latin American integration and regional stability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Relations between the two nations are long-standing. In 2007, both countries normalized their diplomatic relations, which strengthened upon president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s arrival to power in 2018.

Mexico has opposed the US arbitrary sanctions that seek to promote a change of political leadership in Venezuela.

The Bolivarian government and Mexico have tightened their bilateral relations while Venezuela is harassed and accused by the Latin American right-wing of promoting protests in the region.

Colombia’s president Ivan Duque, for example, “is desperately looking towards other countries to find culprits for the crisis caused by his neoliberal measures,” Venezuela’s foreign affairs minister Jorge Arreaza pointed out.


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