Vincentian musician wins NYC Beatz coronavirus song contest

Daria Primus

By Caribbean News Global contributor

NEW YORK, USA – Daria Primus is pleased to announce that her participation in the NYC Beatz coronavirus song contest was successful – and says “she is very elated and feels incredibly amazing to be the winner of the NYC Beatz coronavirus song contest.

On July 23, 2020, the six finalists were given the opportunity to perform, introduce themselves to the public and explain who or what inspired their tune. Primus song entitled “Social Distancing” was produced on the traditional calypso beat – the extempo rhythm.

Vincentian musician among finalists in NYC Beatz coronavirus song contest

Meantime celebrating her achievement, Primus has congratulated the talented participants and their performance at the finals namely Ayusha Sanzhiev, Reem Abdou, Suvdaa Kheried, Tatiana Maslak, and Fernando L Garcia Rodas.

In an interview, Primus said her participation in the competition and the winning song entitled “Social Distancing” an extempo rhythm to spread awareness was inspired by Alton Aimable.

Notwithstanding Primus was up against very talented artists, she said: “I feel incredibly amazing to have won this competition; the opportunity to showcase my talent and make St Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Caribbean proud.”

Primus is thankful and appreciative to all friends, family and supporters who voted for her and continues to support her music. Primus is available for media via + 1(347) 922- 2929 @ 5 p.m. EST.


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