Wasa launches new ‘Silent Crisp’ Crispbread


NORTHBROOK, USA – Wasa, the world’s largest crispbread manufacturer, is changing the game for loud, crunchy snackers with an innovative new product – Silent Crisp. As loyal fans will know, Wasa crispbreads are traditionally known for the signature crunch, making this a bold move for the brand.

“We want everyone to enjoy our crispbread with confidence, and we heard from some of our fans that they are sacrificing their favorite snack because of that unavoidable munching sound – particularly distracting on video calls and when loved ones are working, studying, or even, for midnight snackers, sleeping in the same room,” said Lori Schwartz, brand manager at Wasa. “This is why we are delighted to launch our latest innovation: Silent Crisp. A ryebread that lives up to our high standards of taste, crispness and nutrition – without any of the crunch sound when you eat it.”

Wasa crispbread has been loved for generations for its wholesome, rustic taste and solid nutritional value but its crunch is anything but quiet. This breakthrough product is the result of many years’ collaboration between Wasa and specialists within agriculture, sound engineering, acoustics and gastronomy – and with many Americans spending more time at home and on video calls, talking over each other and creating a recipe for fried nerves, it could not come at a better time. After a journey of development, the solution for a silent snack was found by merging tradition and technology.

“This is innovation at its best, with multiple miniscule adjustments leading to the grand crescendo that is Silent Crisp. From the detailed pattern on the bread’s surface inspired by soundproofing techniques of a recording studio, to a revolutionary graining method allowing the rye structure to snap without softening, this heralds a new era in the world of crispbread,” says Tim Minefee, product development professional at Wasa.

Like all Wasa crispbreads that came before it, from Multi-Grain and Gluten-Free to Light Rye and Sourdough, Silent Crisp starts with a few simple ingredients like salt, water, yeast and rye flour for a distinctive texture and depth of flavor. The perfect base for any topping.

April Fools! There is no Silent Crisp, but you can find out more about real Wasa crispbreads, crunch and all, at www.wasa.com/en-us/.


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