Wind power hydrogen production accelerates hydrogen economy


Boston, USA – Hydrogen economy is a future economic structure of energy using hydrogen as a medium, which was put forward in the 1970s. Hydrogen is a clean energy source that burns to produce water without producing any pollutants. In the process, renewable energy such as solar, wind, and water is converted into electric energy.

Wind power hydrogen production, as an important part of the hydrogen economy, is to convert the electricity generated by wind power into hydrogen through water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment. The process will greatly improve the utilization rate of wind energy while reducing the regional wind abandon rate. At present, hydrogen production from offshore wind power is progressively coming into people’s sight. It is suitable for water electrolysis hydrogen production since it has higher stability and larger scale.

In the renewable energy industry, Angstrom Advanced develops patent alkaline electrolysis products that are able to convert unstable renewable energy directly into hydrogen. Its Verde series hydrogen production equipment adopts exclusive patented technology, can adjust the current (0-120%) intelligently according to the instability of renewable energy. The product has low energy consumption with high purity (>99.999%) after purification, and the capacity can be customized (maximum 1000Nm3/hr for single unit) to MW/GW scales.

The equipment can also be used to support off-grid on-site hydrogen production and refueling. It has the characteristics of high integration, fully intelligent control and monitor, thermal insulation design, fire safety detection design, high safety, and easy maintenance and operation. It can be operated in harsh environments at a minimum of -40°C with a longer lifetime and better stability.


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