A blundering untrustworthy president

President Donald Trump

Dear Sir:

After president Erdogan of Turkey spoke to president Donald Trump, an inept decision was made by Trump to pull our military forces from northern Syria. This allowed Turkey to invade and attack the Kurds.

Syrian Kurds have been loyal allies of US armed forces since 2015 when they helped to clear ISIS from Syria at a significant cost to themselves. The Turkish invasion and displacement of the Kurds have allowed some ISIS prisoners to escape from prisons guarded by the Kurds, and it appears ISIS could make a comeback in Syria.

Trump’s desertion of the Kurds led to the signing of a defense pact between the Kurds and president Assad of Syria. Now Syrian, Iranian and Russian military forces occupied northern Syria.

Trump abandoned the Kurds thereby creating additional instability in the Middle East, and he enhanced Syrian and Russian status in the region.

Other US allies around the world are questioning the trustworthiness of the US under Trump, who tweets uninformed and irrational foreign policy based on his lack of knowledge. Trump threatens our national security by creating problems in the world that have far-reaching long term adverse implications.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH


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