Belize – Taiwan sign implementing arrangement for digital inclusion program


By Government Press Office | BELIZE

BELMOPAN, Belize – On July 14, 2022, H.E. David Kuan-Chou Chien, ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Michel Chebat, minister of public utilities, energy, logistics and e-governance, signed an implementing arrangement for the “Digital Inclusion Program”.

In response to the government of Belize’s National Digital Agenda goals, the government of Taiwan, through this “Digital Inclusion Program,” will promote various work objectives such as i) developing digital labs, and ii) strengthening
digital literacy and skills.

The total cost of implementing this program is around $496,000BZD, which will be funded by Taiwan government.

As the world enters a new era of digitalization, it is critical to provide people especially marginalized communities with the tools to become accustomed to using online services and utilizing technology. Therefore, the main purpose of the “Digital Inclusion Program” is to address the barriers that impede these communities’ ability to access opportunities and to participate in the digital age, by providing access to digital labs and carrying out
digital literacy and training courses.

Following the implementation of this one-year program, it is expected that the digital gap will be alleviated, the digital literacy rate will be raised and the digital economy may also be boosted, thereby reducing the unemployment rate for marginalized communities in Belize.

Ambassador Chien expressed his enthusiasm during his remarks that the government of Taiwan will share Taiwan’s successful experience in ICT industry with the Belizean government and people to achieve the expansion of digitalization for the national interest of Belize. Belize and Taiwan have a history of successful cooperative projects in the ICT fields, including the “Belize Motor Vehicle Registration and License System Project” in
June last year and the “Belize Electronic License and Permit System” was successfully launched in August 2021.

The ministry of public utilities, energy, logistics and e- governance is grateful to the government and people of Taiwan for their support in assisting the government of Belize, through the ministry, to reach rural communities who have limited or no access to technology. This helps our people to have expanded opportunities and it facilitates education and employment


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