CNG – HWPL Broadcast: Episode week #2: February 2021


By Caribbean News Globalfav

WASHINGTON, USA – Welcome to Caribbean News Global (CNG) Radio Show, a CNG – HWPL weekly Broadcast.

The following is a CNG – HWPL feature presentation with #CNG Insights on Caribbean News Global and HWPL # Peace Initiatives that impact public affairs, empower relations, and sustainable development.

CNG – HWPL Radio Show examines #CNG Insights on Caribbean News, International News and a look at Peace News in the Caribbean.

This episode of CNG – HWPL broadcast narrated by Regan Durkin and Daniel Hayes, examines:

  • COVID-19 in Saint Lucia
  • The Antigua – Barbuda [Education Budget]
  • Global News [China’s influence in the Caribbean]
  • Guyana and the Geopolitics of China/Taiwan
  • HWPL: Work of peace in the Caribbean [Peace development and Caribbean Task Force]

Produced and Edited by HWPL & Merkasshee Guillaume

News content by Caribbean News Global (CNG)

Editorial / Executive Producers CNG – HWPL

Broadcast by RFI Radio 102.1 FM

Copyright © CNG-HWPL


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