Dialogue and negotiation for peace in Ukraine

Rommel Santos Diaz is the president of the Fundacion Federalista, the Commission for the InterAmerican Democratic Charter, and the National Foundation for Democracy in the Dominican Republic. He is a professor of international law at the Universidad INCE. His work focuses on contributing to the strengthening of the rule of law in Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically, in the areas of International Relations, Environment, Migration, Human Rights, Democracy, Public Security, State Relations, Civil Society and International Criminal Justice.

By Rommel Santos Diaz

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The situation of tension that exists on the border between Ukraine and Russia requires an exercise of dialogue and negotiation between the parties so that peace prevails in that part of the world. The no to war and the yes to peace is the great hope of the international community at this time.

Dialogue and negotiation must prevail in order to achieve peace in Ukraine, they must be the practice of the parties involved in the conflict, which will allow confidence to be restored in democracy at a global level. Private interests should not be put first in dealing with the situation of tension that is currently being experienced in Ukraine.

Caribbean News Global ukraine Dialogue and negotiation for peace in Ukraine

A never again to war should be the will that prevails to overcome the contradictions and divisions at a time of threats between the United States and Russia in a dispute for control in Ukraine to make political and economic interests prevail in the solution of the conflict.

Peace negotiation and dialogue in Ukraine implies an effective exercise of political diplomacy for the resolution of tensions between Ukraine and Russia, so that the situation of tension and conflict can be overcome to bring about the tranquility of the countries that have expressed interests in contributing to peace as a solution for the parties.

The negotiations between Russia and Ukraine must be based on agreements that respect human rights and international humanitarian law based on the 1949 Geneva Convention to prevent the occurrence of crimes of international concern such as war crimes and aggression, which would require the intervention of international criminal courts, such as the International Criminal Court.

Caribbean News Global hwpl728 Dialogue and negotiation for peace in Ukraine

The world is currently experiencing tense moments due to the situation of conflicts that persists between Ukraine and Russia, which represents a great challenge for the organization of the United Nations, specifically for its security council, which must ensure international security and world peace.

To this effect, HWPL’s Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is recommended as a document that can guide and serve as a foundation to address the alternatives for resolving conflicts and tensions in that part of the world.


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