Digital Minister Audrey Tang on Taiwan’s Digital Diplomacy

      • Premiere Episode of GTI’s Taiwan Salon Cultural Policy Podcast

WASHINGTON, USA – Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) is proud to announce the inaugural episode of Taiwan Salon, [our] new cultural policy podcast series.

Taiwan Salon aims to introduce Taiwan’s unique soft power resources from the arts to digital diplomacy, journalism, academic exchanges, and more – and to discuss how they are currently being developed domestically and leveraged internationally.

In this premiere episode, GTI Research Assistant Adrienne Wu and program assistant Zoe Weaver-Lee interview minister Audrey Tang, the digital minister of Taiwan.

In a wide-ranging and illuminating conversation, minister Tang discusses how digital tools can strengthen democracy, open new avenues for international civic collaboration, and augment Taiwan’s traditional channels of diplomacy.

Hosted by members of GTI’s staff, Taiwan Salon examines Taiwan’s cultural policy and approach to soft power from perspectives both inside and outside the government. Through interviews, the series illuminates how Taiwan’s unique history and culture interacts with policy and pinpoints opportunities and challenges for future “soft” engagement between Taiwan and the United States.


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