Dominica opens new hurricane-proof community centre this summer, funded by CIP

Trafalgar Community Centre in Dominica will open this summer, built with proceeds from the Citizenship by Investment Programme

LONDON, England – In a live online broadcast last Sunday, prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit spoke with Dr Irving McIntyre, the minister for health, wellness and new health investment, representing the Roseau Valley constituency in parliament, Dr McIntyre announced that a new multifunctional community centre in Trafalgar will open by August.

The Trafalgar Community Centre will serve as a research, resource and community centre and is one of the two such facilities under the Housing Revolution. Each will feature a multifunctional events space, a sickbay, a clinic, and a dining and activity hall.

The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica continues to build new, hurricane-proof homes, health centres and community facilities across the island. This constitutes the Housing Revolution, sponsored by the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme.

Dr McIntyre said that “the good news is, by August, we should complete our centre […] the community is really, looking forward to this.” The government website describes it as “a place where at-risk youths can receive help, neighbors can socialize with each other and anyone can receive educational classes and participate in recreational activities.”

Dr McIntyre also announced that the government has built a new EC$23-million road that connects the remote village of Cochrane to the national network. Prime minister Skerrit confirmed that the government is planning another 150 units in the Roseau Valley alone, part of the CBI-funded Housing Revolution.

With regards to the new road, Dr McIntyre said: “We really wanted it done before the hurricane season, so, besides the whole aesthetics and beautifying the whole area, it’s just something much safer for the villagers, which they are very pleased [about].” Skerrit added that “this road can serve as a potential bypass in the event of any challenges on the Canefield-Pont Cassé Road.”

Meanwhile, key sectors of the economy have reopened after all 18 COVID-19 cases in Dominica recovered. “Both tourism and the agriculture [are] back on track,” Dr Irving McIntyre said. Still cautious, Dominica is confident about its economic recovery.

Dominica continues to attract foreign investors seeking second citizenship via the CBI programme. Once they pass the due diligence checks, they can obtain Dominica’s valuable citizenship within three months. They do so by either contributing at least US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund or investing US$200,000 or more in pre-approved luxury and eco-conscious hotels.

Dominica facilitates family reunification changes to CBI programme




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