Flying Fish

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Though Barbados is world-renowned for having perfected rum, the island’s prowess in the culinary arts is not to be overlooked. Bajan cuisine is known to put its unique spin on traditional Caribbean classics—whether it’s cassava bread, fried conch, or macaroni and cheese—to create a flavor profile that is all its own. The nation’s culinary offerings reflect a diverse mix of influences, from Europe to Asia to the best of the US, and our recommendation for the top foods to try when visiting the island is similarly eclectic. From baked macaroni pie to sea urchin, breadfruit to dolphin (which you might know as mahi-mahi), we’ve rounded up the 15 dishes you must try when visiting this island paradise in the West Indies.

Flying fish is an emblem of the island of Barbados, and is an iconic national dish that visitors must try at least once during their vacation. This won’t be hard to accomplish, however, as some variation of the seafood is served at nearly every restaurant on the island—whether it’s a beach-side shack or a fine-dining institution. Speaking of the former (and the latter): For the avid foodie, we recommend signing up for a food tour to sample a variety of these national dishes. The Pigtails and Breadfruite Tour, the Lickrish Tour, and the Lick De Bowl Food Tours all offer immersive excursions into the tastes and smells of Bajan cooking and dining. Their appeal is not only limited to those with a refined palette—guests will walk away with a greater understanding of the island’s culture and heritage, as well. 

Source: The 15 Best Foods to Try in Barbados


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