Iran threatens neighbors and America

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Dear Sir:

Iran is the leading promoter of Islamic terrorism in the world. It actively supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria; and Hamas in Palestine. Iran has infiltrated the Iraqi government and Iraqi military forces. It has extensive military forces in Syria.

Iran threatens the stability of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, the Gulf States and Israel are concerned with Iran’s aggressive moves in Syria and Iraq, and now it has attacked Saudi oil facilities.

Caribbean News Global LETTERS Iran threatens neighbors and America

Iran attacked oil tankers and continues to approach US Navy ships in international waters in the Persian Gulf with threatening maneuvers. Iran wants to control the Strait of Hormuz, which is a navigational bottleneck on a major maritime route for oil shipments. The US Navy is committed to keeping the sea lanes open to free trade.

Iran is emboldened and is threatening countries in the Middle East. We have deployed a carrier strike group and B52 bombers to the region along with a few thousand additional troops. We have to increase our offensive missile forces and combat aircraft in the region to support friendly Arab countries’ military actions against Iran.

The US might have to send defensive troops to Saudi Arabia.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH


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