Is there a plan for rising gas prices?


Dear Sir

I filled up with gas today. Nearly CAD$1.50 litre. I was told by the person behind the counter that an increase will happen this Friday going over CAD$1.50 and that I should be getting used to this pricing. It will not decrease as it will be the new base price.

After a bit of research realized the price per litre may be nearer $1.60 by mid-summer. Thinking about why this could happen, I came up with a few ideas…

  • The pandemic overall has pressured prices to increase.
  • Logistics, staffing and medical shortages and problems add to the cost of gas.
  • Our federal and provincial governments want a direct push towards electric vehicles.
  • Adding price increase upon price increase will pressure the public into an electric car. This seems the mindset we are facing.

The demand for oil and gas has never been higher, yet our governments continue to talk about electric vehicles but have not made the appropriate legal directives to persuade car makers to make these cars in mass.

The vehicle manufacturers are enjoying an increase in their stock prices due to their ambitious electric car policies, yet where are these vehicles?

The energy price continues to increase and yet we are told we cannot have our electric cars if we wish for 3-5 years. Certainly enough of them to make a difference and placate consumer demand.

Can vehicle manufacturers make these vehicles in time? Are there enough batteries available? Are electric batteries recyclable? Can these vehicles price tags become appealing to the average Canadian?

Can they be made primarily in Canada and not imported? (Lessons learnt since pandemic). Once we get our electric vehicles are they warranted like previous cars? If an electric car needs a new battery only after a year is there going to be stock of these batteries?

The government has started to place financial pressure upon all Canadians, while it appears they have not done much preparation regarding this portfolio.

Has the government directed and invited manufacturers into a partnership? Is there an actual long-term and short-term plan establishing these new primary vehicles within Canada? The manufacturers seem to be happy to wait since they are exceedingly wealthy. Stock prices are up, and governments are throwing money at them too.

We need an attitude adjustment here, where business planning can be applied on a long term basis. Our federal government must develop a 5-10 year plan in partnership with the car manufacturers and labour. Only then can we all know what, why and how this environmental strategy will proceed and succeed.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario


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