Keith Rowley has shown total contempt for Trinidad and Tobago

Dr Kirk Meighoo

Dear Sir

Keith Rowley has shown absolute contempt for the people of Trinidad and Tobago during this flooding crisis.

Firstly, the flooding crisis is due to the neglect of essential maintenance during the past seven years while Rowley’s PNM has been in office.

Once the devastation began last Thursday, Keith Rowley and the PNM displayed the exact same level of “casual brutality” to the people of Trinidad and Tobago as their appointed managers at Paria showed to the trapped divers while they were still fighting for their lives in the underwater pipe.

The people at Bamboo No. 2 were righteously angry when the ministers passed through on Tuesday, particularly at Rohan Sinanan for telling the country the previous day that he was “comfortable” with his government’s and his ministry’s response to the nationwide devastation.

Additionally, citizens had to suffer up to an unbearable 6 hours in traffic last night, due to a lack of foresight, planning and care by Rowley and his Ministers. This chaos was absolutely unnecessary as the Northbound lane could have been used as a dual carriageway.

In the midst of all this government-made suffering, the prime minister is nowhere to be found. Once again, as in all other national disasters, he is hiding from the public. Under the failed leadership of Keith Rowley, our nation continues to go backwards and our citizens suffer.

The UNC invites the whole country to join the March for Democracy on 10 December 2022, to ensure that your voices get heard, and that we get a chance to vote again, sooner rather than later.

Nothing in our country will change for the better until this government changes.

Dr Kirk Meighoo

United National Congress


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