Keith Rowley’s bitterness has him blinded

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley

Dear Sir

On Monday 26, September 2022, the government presented a budget which was a most evil attack on the poor and working class.

Not content with this act of evil perpetrated on the population on Monday, Keith Rowley chose to spew bitterness, hate and behave like a man totally out of control.

After two hours of unfortunate insults directed at myself and other citizens, the facts remain that this is a man who:

  • Was outsmarted in gas price negotiations in Houston leading to catastrophic consequences to our energy revenues;
  • Closed down the Petrotrin refinery leading the country to pay exorbitant fuel prices at the pump and losing the main forex earner;
  • Crashed the Point Lisas industrial estate due to interference in gas price negotiations;
  • Presided over the closure of ALNG train one and wasted 250 million dollars in the process;
  • Presided over failed bid rounds for oil and gas exploration;
  • Crashed our GDP by 19.4% or 37.5 billion dollars;
  • Oversaw the loss of over one hundred thousand jobs.

I ask Keith Rowley to stop being bitter, insulting and hateful to anyone who has a differing opinion, view or idea from his own. [Last night] he appeared completely blinded to the reality of the suffering of the poor and working class.

His behaviour exhibited at the PNM public meeting was beneath the dignity of the office of the prime minister.

I understand that he may be unhappy with himself and is just taking it out on myself and others, so, I hold no personal animosity toward him. However, he is no ordinary citizen and the results of his behaviour are having destructive effects on the livelihoods of many citizens.

I urge Rowley and his government to be better, instead of bitter towards the poor and working class. I advise that he does some introspection and maybe he will experience some growth and maturity and thus relinquish this unnecessary bitterness.

Finally, I call on all members of the government to reconsider this evil budget and withdraw it now!

Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC, MP

Leader of the Opposition


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