NextGen SKN to address persistent injustice and inequality in St Kitts – Nevis

Opposition Leader, Dr Denzil L Douglas

By Caribbean News Global contributor

BASSETERRE, St Kitts – National political leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) Dr Denzil L Douglas said Sunday that the evil and corruption that masked the June 5, general election will not prevail.

“In this last election, the arithmetic of the electoral pendulum worked against us, hijacked as it was by rampant corruption, irregularities and illegalities within the voting and electoral processes,” Dr Douglas told supporters at a Service of Thanksgiving at the St Peter’s Anglican Church, held under COVID-19 conditions.

He gave the assurance that the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party will fight to “ensure that over the next few months, the arithmetic of justice will prevail, the arithmetic of democracy will prevail and the arithmetic of the people’s will prevail.”

This was in reference to the election petitions the labour party candidates have filed in the St Kitts High Court challenging the election results in six of the eight constituencies on St Kitts.

St Kitts – Nevis PM faces loss of six constituencies in Court challenge

“Comrades despite the evil that prevails around us, we have much to praise God and give thanks for, because God has been good to us as a Party. Do not be downtrodden, never give up on your will to fight for and support what is good,” Dr Douglas told the congregation.

He noted that over the last five years the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party has fought a good fight and ran an excellent campaign and took the opportunity to thank all who laboured tirelessly from the advisors and speechwriters to the canvassers, the cooks, and those who mounted election campaign posters.

“We have championed the democratic interests of our people and fought hard to do our part to keep the public informed and abreast of the issues. We have challenged, through protests and legal action, every attempt that was made by a dictatorial regime to disenfranchise, marginalize, and victimize, to oppress and our people. They tried to hold our feet to the fire with regard to the good governance agenda and the management of the fiscal and economic affairs of our country,” said Dr Douglas.

He pointed to the reform and rebranded initiatives of the Party to ensure that the SKNLP continues to be progressive in adapting to the changing times in keeping with its core principles of integrity, fairness, openness, inclusiveness, accountability, democracy and servant leadership.

“As we continue the rebranding and the fight for good governance, we must be reminded that all our actions must ring loudly with our eternal mission – the good that we can do”.

Dr Douglas also pointed to the continuing path towards raising the level of good governance and stressed that the NextGen SKN is till the strongest and best fit to govern.

Caribbean News Global nextgenskn728 NextGen SKN to address persistent injustice and inequality in St Kitts - Nevis

“We have the largest support base. We have the will of the people on our side. “As political leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, the Party of Bradshaw, Southwell, and France, will never tire in doing good. Nor will we abandon our sacred mission first and foremost as a grassroots, socially activist organisation and movement dedicated to the advancement and upliftment of every man, woman, and child of this country. It’s all about you,” said the former prime minister, who called for the NextGen agenda to be kept alive in the social programmes and community initiatives that the Party will bring to the people.

“We the members of the SKNLP thank God for your support. We will demonstrate our gratefulness as we continue to build our membership by developing relationships one person at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time just as we have sought to build our country one policy by progressive policy at a time.

“You, the people, our members, and our comrades are the heart and soul of our organization. Our party is bursting with the talent, energy and resources needed to take us forward to victory in the future. Let us work together bravely and audaciously to address the persistent injustices and inequalities in our country,” Dr Douglas explained, “the period in opposition is a voyage of self-discovery.”

“Let us use the time wisely to continue the work of sharpening ourselves as a Party, a movement and as a grassroots organization. Together we will work on our transitions, successions, transformation and the Party’s development will be for the good that we can do for all Kittitians and Nevisians at home and abroad,” said Dr Douglas added, “NextGen SKN must continue to play an obvious and decisive role in ensuring that the years 2015 to 2025 do not become “The lost era” in this country and that the fight must continue both inside and outside parliament,” he said.


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