Rakuten Viber – Synctuition join forces to support Mental Health Worldwide

Synctuition and Rakuten Viber

TALLINN, Estonia – Rakuten Viber & Synctuition announced a partnership, aimed to combat mental health struggles.

The toll of the global pandemic is being felt by everyone, especially when it comes to mental health. This is why Viber’s partnership with Synctuition could not come at a better time. With Synctuition’s groundbreaking technology, Viber can support its loyal users’ mental health through the features offered in the messaging platform.

At a time where travel is difficult at best, Synctuition has created incredible, dream-like soundscapes by recording 3D sounds in over 2000 of the world’s most serene locations. In combination with ASMR sounds and hours of original music, Synctuition has gained immense popularity as the only mindfulness app in the world with such a rich 3D audio relaxation experience. The result is a profoundly relaxing experience that feels like a combination of mind travel and a spa experience.

Now, Viber users will have access to meditation-themed stickers, leading to the discovery of an exclusive chatbot that will greet the users upon downloading.

Both companies share a deep commitment to leave a positive footprint on the world, and it all begins with mental health. By teaming up at a time of increasing uncertainty, and as people turn to digital platforms to ease stress and cultivate optimal well-being, Viber and Synctuition are bringing about a much-needed tone of positivity and inspiration.

Tackling COVID-19 pandemic together

Anna Znamenskaya, CGO of Rakuten Viber deems this team-up necessary, so people using the Viber app have direct access to these tools. She shared, “Many people don’t have access to these tools. Daily messages of positivity and access to the Synctuition app will surely help create healthier habits.”

Michael Burich, co-founder of Synctuition, sees this as an unprecedented opportunity to extend a helping hand amid adversity. He shared, “As we tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic together, we believe it is our responsibility to help alleviate the stress people are under.”


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