Shattered Dreams: Losing one’s marbles

Peter ‘PA1’ Josie

“Saint Lucians don’t love, like people that are to black unless it is their own family,” says Peter ‘PA1’ Josie [political arse # one], a custodian of prime minister Allen Chastanet.  

And while many call on PM Chastanet to condemn such a narrative, a well-know apologist argues the importance and identity of persons exalting truth and realism.

Dear Sir

To reference Peter ‘PA1’ Josie [political arse # one] is regressive, unsettling, hurtful and sad, that the narrative of the acceptable Castries mulatto’s, light skin, white European, remnants of colonialist is more acceptable than the native blacks.

It is even more egregious, that the narrative of race is front and centre in the political discourse of Saint Lucia’s leadership. And perpetuated in the comfort of the United Workers Party (UWP) televised programme last week, moderated by a stooge, featuring Michael Chastanet, the father of prime minister Allen Chastanet, PA1 Josie, said:

“They are intimidated by Allen because they realize Allen Chastanet is an international kind of person. Wherever Allen Chastanet goes he is known. He has the introduction by different governments, the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and maybe even his light completion.

Why do you think Ernest Hilaire has been upfront, all the time, and not Philip J Pierre?

The littlecolouer wiayi’  (a lighter skin) Hilaire has – he’s aware of it. All of their supporters know – they don’t have Kenny Anthony any more – I don’t think Kenny Anthony wants to come back there – and I don’t think the people of Vieux-Fort might even vote for him;

– [the stooge said – no they won’t] –

PA1 Josie said: If we get a good candidate down their;

– [the stooge said – no they won’t] –

PA1 Josie continued: So you see the dilemma the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) faces.

They don’t like Allen Chastanet – he is to white – his family is this and that – all sorts of criticism and yet, there is jealousy of wanting to pick somebody who’s just like Allen Chastanet.

In all of those things that the Labour Party is speaking, they know very well what they are trying to do. And there is an unspoken word as Michael said. I was in the bosom of the beast, so I know the beast. I know it!

– [And you think the beast has not changed over the years, the stooge said]

The beast is getting worst, but guess what, I have the antioxidant for the beast. [Okay, said the stooge]

I have the vaccine for the beast…

– [… the antidote, the stooge stated]

But guess what, the beast known the people of Saint Lucia prefer ‘colouer wiayi’ (a lighter skin)

Saint Lucians don’t love, like, people that are to black unless it is their own family

Sometimes the people who have children that are black says, Lord, where this child come from – their own child you know.”

If by any stretch of imagination Saint Lucians could erase the episode of 1979/82 most of us would. And if that means deleting the likes of PA1 Josie most would be delighted.

PA1 Josie then-and-now is living Shattered Dreams of what he perceived and will never achieve, has for some time now lost his marbles. Presently, this is more conspicuous as desperation settles in. His limited options have sloped in the nadir, assuming the posture of chief critic for the UWP. And in the process, denounces himself.

In addition to colonial years, PA1 Josie personifies the field slaves, and post-emancipation those who had land and some possessions, but struggled dearly to provide the basics of food, shelter and clothing – gave the title of their land to the Castries mulatto’s, colonial whites and British government agents. In return they were accepted as house slaves and preferred foot soldiers, serving as stooge and imbeciles.

In response to PA1 Josie, a few cry birds of the UWP made statements on social media denouncing, “there is no place in Saint Lucia for politics of racial division, colourism and classism. We are a nation of many races, colours and creeds.  And never should the colour of our skin divide us. I will never support a narrative that the colour of one’s skin should give an advantage, or a disadvantage.”

Fittingly, these political spectrums continue to associate, defend and vote for remnants of the narrative of which they decry, wittingly or unwittingly. This is the very ethos of the political intricacies that created the current geometric axes of evil in Saint Lucia.

So, I don’t get it. Hypocrisy, at its best.

PA1 Josie lives and breaths the current geometric axes, having regret the time and opportunities he wasted. He never seemed to accomplish anything of benefit to himself. His personal growth isn’t ignorance; it’s the illusion of knowledge!

The problem comes with PA1 Josie complex difficulty of not recognizing himself in the footnote of Saint Lucian history. He only knows the Shattered Dreams of 1979/82. He has not reconciled with the many lives he seemingly shattered. The false flags he represented, and now having to live in a different era, that he has no influence over. Worse yet, he is struggling to make a living as a house slave, to Castries mulatto’s and the good-will of UWP crumbs.

PA1 Josie knows his luck has run out, mindfull of his narrative of race, management, and politics. Comrade leader Pierre personifies the unspoken word of greatness, charm and mental resilience. Pierre is the perfect fit for the challenges of the time!

So, for PA1 Josie to attempt the narrative of pitting Ernest and Pierre, this is a long shot. It won’t happen! Ernest is a freshman. He has ways to go and much to learn. Pierre is clever enough to sidestep false flags, ignorance and desperation.

The experiment of prime minister Chastanet is ill-assorted. He is an extraordinary error in history, circus material, unfit to run an errand, even to purchase a Ti Punch at a rum shop on Jeremie street.

PA1 Josie greatest obstacle is the lack of his consciousness. He is deficient to address his cognizance, and lack of relevance to attributes and value propositions that has evaded him. He hasn’t reckoned that he does not fit the model of ethical guideposts and ideas that subscribe to the 21st–century.

But, while we must recognise where we came from – British/French/Indigenous people – the politics and narratives of race is separate and apart, from a diminishing body and mind.

There is no question that PA1 Josie is attempting tricks and interior warfare of 1979/82 to botched the general election. However, he hasn’t factor that Pierre is technical and coherent. And so, relative to the realism of now, he sees Pierre glowing, beaming on the mountain top – while he transcends to nothingness, in the shadows of the crass plantocracy.

This I believe is telling. But first, PA1 Josie should convince the prime minister, that truth matters and that it is very uncomfortable when people cannot believe a word he says, even if he says, the sky is blue.

This is Philip J Pierre’s time. The great architect of the universe has ordained. This is the time for Saint Lucia and Saint Lucian’s to return to prominence in the marketplace of realism and prosperity.


Monica Fevrier


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