St Kitts – Nevis government bypasses elections supervisor recommendation


By Caribbean News Global contributor

BASSETERRE, St Kitts –  Supervisor of elections Elvin Bailey has raised concerns that the names he recommended to perform the important and constitutional roles of Returning Officer, Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks in the June 5 general elections were not accepted by the administration of Dr Timothy Harris.

A notice of nomination posted and signed by a Phillip Browne lists himself as the Returning Officer for Nevis No.8. However, Browne lists the place for nomination as the Community Centre in St Peter’s and not where it should be in the constituency of St Christopher which is the true No. 8.

Fears abound; why new officials without any experience were appointed?

In breaking the bad news to the persons he had nominated and expected to be approved by the government, Bailey wrote in a WhatsApp message: “I prayed for a sugar-coated way to break this to you all, but there is none. I must tell all of you that none of you (except Nevis) were accepted as officers. A brand new set was.”

Bailey added: “I must thank you however for offering to work with me and to apologise for the embarrassment of the rejection. I too am embarrassed at the lack of confidence shown in me and my judgement. I will do the election and I will do my best and then consider my options.”

While Bailey’s good faith and reputation are unquestionable, questions are being asked about who these new officials are, who chose them since they seem to have absolutely no experience in managing an election, and why were they chosen.

One of the opinions voiced by several people is that it seems to be a situation like Guyana, where, “somebody trying to rig the election.”

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