St Lucia is in a state of palliative care


Dear Sir

In anticipation of prime minister, Philip Pierre, address to the nation Sunday, with an ‘important message’ [often pre-recorded] – I could not but reflect on the current situation of care and attention to life, living and what is necessary to address, a miscarriage in Saint Lucia, at the hands of political ineptitude of failed politicians.

To understand my viewpoint, there are multiple comparisons at a time when the country’s core business is being threatened. Life! And the quality of living!

Palliative care is much broader than laypersons think and can last for years. Accordingly, being in palliative care doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re likely to die soon.

Palliative care, an integrated, people-centred health service has the following main goals:

  1. Relieve pain and other symptoms.
  2. Address your emotional and spiritual concerns and those of your caregivers.
  3. Coordinate your care.
  4. Improve your quality of life during your illness.

A commentator on prime minister Philip Pierre’s address to the nation with an ‘important message’ said:

Ant November 26, 2022, At 7:30 am

“Actions speak louder than words. I and sensible Lucians remember listening between 1997 and 2004 to these proven jokers when with a great tra-la-la they announced some ‘great earth-shattering speech’. The result: Nothing. And the same failures then – are the same now or their clones.

“With their managerial incompetence, they put party hacks in charge, did not follow up or respond to feedback, only put in place what was satisfactory for them politically, and quite frankly, did not have a clue what they were doing.

“They [actually] reject [ed] competence. The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) hotshots [actually] feel alienated from people with demonstrated managerial skills. They feel impotent in the face of those more skilled than them – so are adversarial to success in what is required to run the country.

“They only want compliant party hacks who will smooth the path for their talk, take and travel, which is why you see the friends and family all over the place and the rampant nepotism.

“So in this speech expect nothing. Do not get any hopes up. The makeup and focus of the SLP guarantee that the failures of this jumble of words on Sunday night are already baked into its implementation.

“It will do the following: Go after symptoms and not systemic problems, a guarantee of failure. Viciously attack the United Workers Party (UWP) and say why they are ‘protecting the victory’ – pander to specific groups with pappy-show words thought up by some ‘PR’ SLP clown; [that] have no sense of urgency or show an awareness of issues of concern to Lucians: focus on that which does not affect them politically, so they will not make critical mature decisions.

“These people are boys playing in a man’s world. Welcome to the circus where the SLP put lipstick on the clown and calls her Beyonce!”

While there seems to be a pandemic of crime in Saint Lucia, the science has not been actualized to correct criminology and life science.

SameGuy November 25, 2022, At 11:47 pm, writes: Let me tell you what exactly Pierre will say: ” ”

  1. Another empty promise;
  2. He is going to throw some bullshit explanation;
  3. The same thing by the same … but on a different day and time;
  4. As usual, there will be no plan in his speech;
  5. He will talk about some renovated police stations in the south;
  6. Some added police vehicles so they can go drinking.

What we need prime minister!

  1. Police reform;
  2. Changes to the law to combat crimes;
  3. Record keeping of criminals;
  4. Tougher laws on the criminals – gun laws;
  5. Police management – keep track of the police activities;
  6. Anonymous line so crimes can be reported;
  7. Account on each case.”

The number of homicides (66) in Saint Lucia per population (185,636) in an area of 238 square miles (617 km2) 27 miles (43,2 km) long and 14 miles (22,4 km) wide is unacceptable. There is also little justification for comparison with other Caribbean islands.

Personal reputations are at stake. Tourism, Citizenship by Investment (CIP) and the fragile economy are immediate cause for concern. The reputation of Saint Lucia is now in jeopardy.

It is not by accident that Operations Restore Confidence (ORC) has resurfaced in conversations and the IMPACS report is coming out in certain quarters.

Saint Lucians deserve to not live in fear. Citizens of this country did not vote for that. In a time of great uncertainty, another campaign speech is not anticipated.

The crime policy of the government of Saint Lucia needs an appropriate alignment and the primary focus of experienced professionals.

What’s the plan? What’s the strategy? Is it a hands-up situation?


Monica Fevrier


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