Taiwan donates oxygen concentrators to Caribbean allies


By Caribbean News Global contributor

BELIZE / St Lucia – The ministry of health and wellness in Belize and Saint Lucia, both strategic diplomatic allies of Taiwan received donations of 50 and 30 oxygen concentrators from the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) via their respective embassies.

Caribbean News Global Belize_Taiwan_oxygen Taiwan donates oxygen concentrators to Caribbean allies


On September 8, commenting on the donation of 50 oxygen concentrators, Michel Chebat, minister of health and wellness, said: “Many countries around the world continue to struggle in their efforts to tackle the pandemic. Taiwan continues to demonstrate its goodwill and alliance to the people and government of Belize.” The minister noted that the donation is a demonstration of the continued friendship shared between the two nations for the last 32 years.

H.E. David Kuan-Chou Chien, ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), said that the donation “also makes good on the commitment made by Taiwan’s president, H.E. Dr Tsai Ing-Wen, that Taiwan can help and is helping its allies.” Ambassador Chien also reiterated his commitment, on behalf of the Republic of China (Taiwan), to continue to support Belize throughout this pandemic.

The donation of the oxygen concentrators will be distributed across Belize’s health regions to assist in the care of COVID-19 patients with low blood oxygen levels, the government release noted.

Caribbean News Global taiwan_oxy_slu Taiwan donates oxygen concentrators to Caribbean allies

Saint Lucia   

On August 27, the ministry of health and wellness, in a press release announced that the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) recently handed over 30 oxygen concentrators to support its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, “are expected to improve the quality of care provided to patients requiring oxygen.”

Ambassador to Saint Lucia His Excellency Peter Chen says his government remains committed to assisting Saint Lucia in the fight against COVID-19 and hope these oxygen concentrators will save lives, the release noted.

“This donation is just one showing of the tight bonds binding our countries together. I look forward to working with prime minister, Philip J. Pierre and his Cabinet to bring about even more fruitful bilateral cooperation. As the ambassador of Taiwan to Saint Lucia, I am filled with pride to see the good acts forged by our friendship. I hope the machines serve Saint Lucians well as they fully recover.”

Caribbean News Global un_taiwan Taiwan donates oxygen concentrators to Caribbean allies

Meanwhile, Taiwan continues to strive towards participating in the United Nations is a long-term task, and although it is arduous, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) acknowledged the joint efforts of international governments, allies, and the private sector over the years, and the support of the international community that has continued to increase.

We sincerely appreciates the support of our friends and countries for promoting Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations system and once again call on the United Nations to face up to Taiwan’s substantive contribution to the global post-epidemic recovery and sustainable reconstruction and its determination to give back to the international community,” said MOFA. “Now is the time for the United Nations to accept Taiwan and let Taiwan help. The United Nations should take immediate action to accept the participation of 23.5 million Taiwanese people.


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