The phantasm of China is embedded in their psyche

Denys Springer is an educator and freelance writer trained in social sciences, labour studies and industrial relations, education, conflict, resolution, and mediation. Denys Springer lectures part-time at the Open Campus UWI in Saint Lucia on supervisory management – the psychology of management.

By Denys Springer

I don’t mince my words when I say that the phantasm of China in regards to Taiwan is psychological and embedded in the mind of Xi Jinping the Chinese leader. Donald T Phillips writing on Lincoln on leadership is of the opinion that “all human beings have their weaknesses, but not all of us realize them, come to grips with them, or offset their negative impact”. Therefore it is clear to me that this Chinese leader has the vision to be the top world leader but he has to first dominate countries close to China and from there he believes that the world will be his oyster.

In our neck of the woods, the Caribbean, I am convinced that they have their local agents who are paid handsomely to spread their propaganda in terms of wanting to help countries in the Caribbean with loans and aid which in theory, reverts to China and in return, flood the Caribbean with their arrogant and racist natives.

Even on the question of vaccines from China, these operatives want to give China a boost more so in Saint Lucia. Yet, scientists’ research on this vaccine unanimously finds it unreliable and would not recommend it. The Chinese company SINOPHARM has vaccines that have reached their final stages of testing but not medically approved. Another manufacturer SINOVAC stated they have vaccinated a variety of those who travelled frequently outside the country. These patients were seemingly ‘required to sign a non-disclosure agreement’.

The question is why. Public trust in regards to Chinese is the low ebb. Over 50 percent of Brazilians don’t want this vaccine. In Taiwan, only 1.3 percent of its citizens in a survey say – they would accept vaccine made in china. It is reported that international health experts are worried that people will get vaccines that have not passed the critical medical test.

Yet, agents of China are now trying to persuade Caribbean Countries to get Chinese vaccines which would ‘require a loan from China to buy a vaccine that has not passed the critical medical test’. These agents in are callous manner went on to write and I quote “take for instance, Taiwan’s incessant yet insistent knuckle hurting knocking on the WHO’s door and its expressed commitment to assist the rest of the world in the global COVID-19 fight with China and Taiwan as friends and despite Castries presently having ties with Taipei given the unique history of relations with both, what is to prevent Saint Lucia from approaching China for vaccine support with Taiwan’s blessings”.

This is simply outrageous and an insult to the Taiwanese people. The agent even went on further to write “that it has happened when Beijing allowed Taiwan to participate in the Olympic Games as Chinese Taipei”. This is simply preposterous and unacceptable for anyone to write about Taiwan in that manner whether as a Caribbean agent of China or not. This is how some are probably paid to paint China is the best colour possible at the expense of Taiwan.

In terms of the virus, Taiwan wanted to protect its country and the WHO, was also concerned and anxious to get vital information that would help them to put some strategies in place. Taiwan as around the world would know – has been working on the cousin of this virus since the SARS outbreak once again in China and consequently wanted to have an input which was denied. However, a simple question today is who is the best country in the world at controlling the virus from the onset? I leave the individual or individuals to answer that question in the hope that they are not bamboozled by the answer.

I now say quite categorically to the Taiwanese government that the time has come to stop the pussyfooting in terms of letting China rule the roost, selling their garbage and propaganda, aided and abetted by the paid agents in many countries throughout the Caribbean and the world. And that they too should have their local individuals that will educate citizens of the world in terms of the culture and history of the people of Taiwan – and that Taiwan is not part of China in any form.

Individuals chosen should be able to write the truth as it appertains to both China and Taiwan. They will certainly nullify some of the propaganda spread by these Chinese operatives.

Recently the G7 countries met and China was discussed in regards to its rigid laws and actions in Hong Kong (HK). They “express their concerns at the Chinese authority’s decision fundamentally to erode democratic elements of the electoral system in HK”. This they now believe will eliminate dissenting voices and opinion. What I find unpalatable is that once again China has shown to the world that they cannot be trusted on any front.

The world witnessed the Sino/British Joint declaration of the handing over of HK to China. The agreement was clear that it would last for 50 years. Well, this brutal regime did not wait for the timeline agreed and the agreements which were so crucial in terms of HK carrying on economically or otherwise, they showed their ‘dishonesty and untrustworthiness’ in dismantling what was agreed upon, in just over 20 years. And when challenged, they always say quite sonically that it is an internal affair.

This is a country that has been dishonest throughout in misleading the world to think that they would stick to a “One China – Two Systems” module and that HK would carry on in that vein. This is in theory what they wanted to table to Taiwan – to the extent that they would still have their armed forces, etc. At times, I am somewhat perturbed by the attitudes of countries towards China – how quickly action can be taken against other countries, such as placing embargoes, etc. Yet China is always a threat and a watery form of diplomacy.

It is time that world leaders call a spade a spade. China is not a nice or useful partner if it is not to their benefit. Most world leaders tend to threaten with words but not deeds. My question, therefore, is to ask bluntly, are these countries intimidated by the loss of China’s huge economic market.

Well, I take my hat off to Japan, Taiwan and now Australia who is presently cutting off dealing with China. And in Australia’s case – to Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. They have broken trade ties with China as their relations are souring at an unprecedented rate. A political game is now being played to the extent that Australia has ban Huawei from 5G network which has upset China’s hierarchy.

In dealing with China there is no mutual trust as China puts tremendous pressure on investors. There are so many restrictions and hurdles to overcome, yet, they think that they have the right to invest anywhere in the world, and as we have seen with the countries own money, alluding to Saint Lucia – ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’.

The investigation into COVID-19 by the WHO recently was farcical as to where the team could go. They were ‘restricted from doing a thorough investigation’ so that a worthwhile report could be written. China seems relentless in its political game dealing with western countries.

Canada’s parliament recently declared China’s treatment of Uighurs as ‘genocide’. They are not the only countries who are of that opinion as the US and Australia agree. China’s quick response to all of this is that other countries should not interfere in China internal affairs.

Meanwhile, China has mandated Uighurs to switch from speaking their language to learning and speaking Mandarin. This is an infringement of culture, human rights and above all one’s civil liberties. In addition, Uighurs are being forced into labour camps and reportedly women are being raped mercilessly. Yet, China sees other countries objections to the inhumane treatment of the Uighurs as interfering in China’s domestic affairs. This is unscrupulous and a disgusting attitude for any leading country of the world to adopt. We saw what happened in the Second World War with Hitler and now we are seeing something unfolding that has the same connotation.

I, therefore, say to agents of China’s propaganda to begin to have some morality in what they write on behalf of their paymasters the Chinese Communist Party. Be honest and stick to the truth instead of peddling their unwarranted propaganda.


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