The umbrella King is officially an SLP: He doesn’t know that – Yet!

Stephenson King

Dear Sir

Stephenson King is done as a so-called independent candidate, under a blue umbrella following his performance at the Saint Lucia Labour Party – Castries East Constituency Group’s Annual General Meeting, celebrated under the theme “Protecting the Victory.”

The parliamentary representative for Castries North, Stephenson King and a member of the cabinet of the government of Saint Lucia was dressed in “a blue, white and red stripy shirt” not sure who he was trying to blindfold.

King, described as a senior minister and minister for infrastructure, ports, transport, physical development and urban renewal received an honourable mention from prime minister Philip Pierre; celebrating the 34th annual general meeting of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Castries East Constituency Group on Saturday.

The Blue Umbrella King, confident at the podium told an SLP audience that he is very comfortable, confident in a government that is prepared, committed and has demonstrated that the people come first. He further stated that “it is important that we protect the victory. But it is equally important to preserve the victory.”

Politics is a very strange thing, made up of strange bedfellows. And most politicians outlive their usefulness.

Caribbean News Global stephenson_king_umbrella The umbrella King is officially an SLP: He doesn’t know that - Yet!
Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal, Stephenson King

The blue umbrella King, now, a Red King – carried the theme of the annual general meeting and called on “SLP soldiers” and members of the SLP party who brought “this great party to victory,” to “preserve the victory.”

Caribbean News Global slp-banner.jpg The umbrella King is officially an SLP: He doesn’t know that - Yet!

Now a Red King, the opportunity came to speak on the philosophy of the SLP party, preserving the ideals of a great organisation, dedicated to the commitment of the people.

The Red King acknowledged that he is not an SLP, to the amusement of the gathering. The untold secret is such that the red King cannot fool anyone with his persistent circus performance.

“I am here to indicate to you and Saint Lucia all is well with Stephenson King in the cabinet of the Saint Lucia Labour Party government” the Red King recited, to applause and laughter.

A commentor #The Fox  [October 2, 2022 At 5:03 pm] wrote: 

“By all means for him “It is important to protect the victory” because, without that LAST victory for him, he is toast. Better enjoy these last days in the house and as cabinet minister, a promise made to you for jumping ship, in your own words ” you accepted the higher bidder” so no bidding for you again, you have been bought for a price to fulfil the wishes of ‘House Captain’ congratulations, no going back to the other boys, stay bro and enjoy it, St Lucia has been sold out before, that’s politics 101 – street walkers know it. As a Seventh-day Adventist, (SDA) keep praying.”

With all things being equal, the future seems bright for the Red King, singing and dancing, “every body vote for labour.

And for this reason, meet me later … but you must be patient!


Monica Fevrier


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