UK and Taiwan sign MOU on exchange of driving licences


LONDON, England – The UK and Taiwan have entered into an arrangement that will enable the exchange of driving licences issued by the respective Licensing Authorities.

Holders of a valid UK driving licence who are currently resident in Taiwan will be able to exchange their licence for a Taiwan one, and vice versa for holders of Taiwan driving licences in the UK. The arrangement came into effect January 1, 2022, the British Office Taipei reports.

This arrangement is underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between John Dennis, Representative at the British Office and Kelly W. Hsieh, Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK via an online signing ceremony on December 23, witnessed in Taipei by Harry Ho-jen Tseng, deputy minister of foreign affairs.

John Dennis, Representative at the British Office Taipei, said:

“I am extremely pleased and grateful to welcome this new arrangement on behalf of the British community in Taiwan. It comes after much anticipation and a lot of hard work on both sides. People in both the UK and Taiwan will be able to enjoy the benefits of this new arrangement from 2022. It offers major new flexibilities, particularly to long-term UK residents of Taiwan, and it symbolises the powerful and deepening cooperation between the UK and Taiwan in so many areas. We are delighted to be able to announce it today.”

Under the arrangement, an exchanged Taiwan driving licence will last for six years from the date of issue. Detailed guidance on how holders of UK driving Licences will be able to apply to exchange them for Taiwan driving Licences can be found at GOV.UK page.


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