UNC local government election candidates launched in Trinidad and Tobago – Part 3


By Kamla Persad-Bissessar

United National Congress (UNC) is the best hope for Trinidad and Tobago

As I said at the start, this year’s local government election polls are important, and your vote counts.

Dr Keith Rowley regime has failed at both the local and national level, and today citizens awaken to empty cupboards like mother Hubbard:

  • They are met with the horror of not having a job to go to;
  • They face the trauma of not being able to send their children to school;
  • They face the terror of not being able to put a meal on the table;
  • They are tormented by the threats of disastrous flooding every time rainfalls.

Today citizens have tempered their dreams of seeing their children in successful careers or having prosperous families because under this “red and ready” team our national future, outlook, and prospects seem gloomier than they have ever been. However, you must never stop believing that we can transform and move our nation forward.

You must never give up the hope that we can put our country back on the road to economic stability, prosperity and individual security.

On December 2, 2019, we can begin that journey of rebuilding our nation and putting the dreams of people back on track by sending the Dr Rowley regime a message at the polls.

On December 2, 2019, we can work to break the yoke of underdevelopment, neglect, hardship and economic burdens of our citizens by standing up to the Dr Rowley regime.

Together we will begin a journey to save our nation, a journey in which you can be assured that my team and I have the experience, youthful innovation, intellect, grassroots determination, patriotic commitment, and national love to successfully traverse.

I have dedicated my entire life to improving the lives of people 

In the past four years when many thought we would give up the fight. My team and I became stronger, we fought harder and we worked to defend the rights, freedoms, and liberties of people.

I have spent many sleepless days and nights troubled by the cries of our citizens but more importantly, I have spent hundreds of hours working on a plan to ease the pain of our citizens.

My plan and vision are based on people-centered development and getting our country working again. As a leader, my fight is to ensure that breadwinners would be able to put food on the table.

Remember that you can’t feed your families with that red jersey. We cannot eat that free jersey and we cannot live off a “ten days”.

Together with my team, we were able to put over 50 thousand citizens to work giving them a real chance at providing for their families. They were able to celebrate Christmas with their families. They were able to enjoy life without worrying about where the next meal was coming from.

  • I will continue to fight to ensure that fathers and mothers would have jobs to protect their families;
  • I will continue to fight to ensure that mothers would be given the full tools and opportunities to nurture their children;
  • I will continue to fight to ensure that the children of janitors/labourers have the same opportunity and chance at success as those of lawyers and doctors;
  • I will continue to fight to ensure that each and every child, despite their social, economic, racial or geographical; background can have the opportunity to obtain their dreams.
  • I will continue to fight to ensure young people are made equal partners in national development;
  • I will continue to fight to ensure that each and every citizen from the labourer, the store clerk, the lawyer, the businessman, the taxi driver, the police officer and public servants can all benefit from the resources of our nation;
  • I will continue to fight for each and every citizen to have a better nation.

I started this fight many years ago, but the moment of reckoning is quickly approaching, and I ask you to join me. I ask you to look at the dedication I have always given to you, and never once have I left your side.

With each crisis, I have stood with you. My heart is yours; my love is committed to our nation, my dedication to people.

Let’s begin the rebuilding process

In the coming days, you will see the team of talented, innovative and dedicated candidates who are thoroughly representative of our diverse nation within your communities. I ask you to work, support, guide and join with them as we work to save our nation. I ask you to take my hand to get Trinidad and Tobago working again. Knowing, that even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise. Knowing, that when they attack me, it is because they want to get to you. I just happen to be in the way.

I will remain right where I am because I have never been stronger. I have never been more determined.

We have reached a point in our national journey where it is pertinent that we remember the preamble of our Constitution since the Dr Rowley regime seems to have forgotten namely that we:

“Affirm that the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, faith in fundamental human rights and freedoms, the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions, the dignity of the human person and the equal and inalienable rights with which all members of the human family are endowed by their Creator;

“Respect the principles of social justice and therefore believe that the operation of the economic system should result in the material resources of the community being so distributed as to subserve the common good, that there should be adequate means of livelihood for all, that labour should not be exploited or forced by economic necessity to operate in inhumane conditions but that there should be opportunity for advancement on the basis of recognition of merit, ability, and integrity;

“Assert [our] belief in a democratic society in which all persons may, to the extent of their capacity, play some part in the institutions of the national life and thus develop and maintain due respect for lawfully constituted authority;

“Recognise that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and the rule of law.”

Show me your voting finger

On December 2, put your X next to the Rising Sun and let’s start to get T&T working again.

Remember you have had leaders before me; you will have leaders after me. But you will never have a leader who loves you as much as I do.

I thank you, and God bless you.

Talk Done.


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