UNICEF executive director message to staff

Henrietta Fore

Dear UNICEF Colleagues

With a heavy heart, I have informed the UN secretary-general and our executive board president of my decision to step down as UNICEF executive director in order to devote my energy to my husband’s serious health issue.

This has been a difficult decision. Serving as your executive director has been a tremendous honor. To serve the world’s children is both exhilarating and fascinating. You have achieved remarkable accomplishments at an extraordinary time, and we have so much more to do. I am proud of the work that each of you do and will follow your successes in the years ahead.

I have promised the secretary-general that I will continue until conclusion of the executive board and the UN General Assembly in September and will remain as UNICEF executive director until my successor has been chosen.

In the meantime, let us finalize our strategic plan for the coming quadrennium, help countries access and roll out vaccines so that children everywhere can access services and return safely to schools, and further accelerate our work in both humanitarian and development contexts to ensure a bright future for every child.

Thank you for opening opportunities for children and young people around the world.

Henrietta Fore


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