United State Of Mind


This timeless organic album, “United State Of Mind” speaks volumes, especially in the current state of the world today, lyrically, musically and emotionally.

Rolled out, on Friday, October 9, 2020, digitally on all platforms is a  fantastic album that brings together three very different UK music legends: Robin Trower, Maxi Priest and Livingstone Brown: ‘United State of Mind’ (released on Manhaton Records). Three artists with distinctive, trademark sounds and styles that dovetail and fuse together, creating an excellent whole that’s full of atmosphere, allure and a whole lotta soul.

Maxi Priest is an iconic British reggae vocalist, with Jamaican heritage, who’s best known for singing reggae with added R&B flavour, creating that potent blend called reggae fusion. Maxi was a pioneer in the genre and is acknowledged as one of the most successful reggae fusion acts of all time.

Virtuoso rock  guitarist Robin Trower found fame with Procul Harum, then went on to lead his very own power trio: The Robin Trower Band. His album ‘Bridge of Sighs’ has sold millions of copies worldwide. Classic Rock Review described Robin as a “guitar player of unparalleled influence,” particularly for the passion and soul of his playing, as well as his virtuosity, all of which have inspired countless young guitarists to take up the instrument.

“USM was one of the first pieces of music that I came up with for Maxi,” reflects guitarist Robin Trower, “as soon as he heard it, Maxi had the lyric idea of ‘On a lonely highway’ and everything started to fall into place from there. I think it is one of the best tracks I’ve been involved in. Working on the album with Livi and Maxi was a complete joy from beginning to end.”

Livingstone Brown, meanwhile, is a talented producer/mix engineer and musician. As a session and touring musician during the 80s and 90s, Livingstone worked, separately, with Robin Trower and Maxi Priest; not to mention in his long career other high-calibre artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Waterboys, Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry, Kylie Minogue, De La Soul, ABC and Bill Withers —to name but an impressive several.

Maxi, Robin and Livi’s distinct talents proved a winning combo: in songwriting, in performance and in production, and thus the trio’s chemistry and collaboration led to ‘United State of Mind’: an album on which you’ll find Maxi’s trademark smooth as silk, mesmerising vocals, Robin Trower’s soulful, passionate guitarwork, and Livingstone’s catalyst flair and Midas Touch.

Maxi Priest puts it this way: “Three different minds coming together trying to create a unification that we can give as a gift to the world. We wanted to come together to do something positive. I’m overwhelmed and proud of this album. It’s all live instrumentation — fully organic music. This album is for music lovers: all genres.”

The end product — ‘United State of Mind’ — is an outstanding album, rich in commercial appeal, that’s beguiling, seductive and so smooth that it’s virtually frictionless. Also, full of verve and virtuosity that’s not only going to appeal to fans of the trio’s solo work, in reggae, rock and beyond, but is bound to delight many more besides.

Definitely one to check out. Music in this video – Song: United State of Mind

Artist: Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown – Album: United State of Mind

Licensed to YouTube by [Merlin] IDOL Distribution (on behalf of Manhaton Records)

Lyrics: United State Of Mind

5am in the morning Ravers getting me down Had to stop the world from spiinin’, spinnin’ round I don’t need no company Horizon be my friend My wildest thoughts I’d follow, to the end

On a lonely highway This world is mine On a lonely highway This united state of mind, state of mind

Pleasure was my master Wasting all my time Searchin’ for what came after Couldn’t find

Take me from my shadow let me see the light I been down the killing floor gangsta ride yeah

On a lonely highway This world is mine On a lonely highway This united state of mind, state of mind

Three legendary million selling artists singer/songwriter Maxi Priest, (Close to you, Wild World” and the album Bonafide) guitarist Robin Trower, (Bridge of Sighs), and producer/mix engineer and musician Livingstone Brown (Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Waterboys, Bill Withers).

Listening to ‘United State of Mind’ for the first time, you will hear it’s far more than just an intriguing curio for fans and collectors. Maxi, Livi and Robin have done an exceptional job at extending the hand of collaboration successfully, whilst simultaneously stamping their own unique trademarks throughout, with no compromise whatsoever. Neither reggae nor rock, the results – a commercial sounding, vibey, driving album worthy of a place in any record collection, let alone for fans of their solo efforts.


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