We have to save Ukraine

Photo by Michael Swan

Dear Sir

The United States convinced Ukraine in 1991 to give up its nuclear weapons and send them to Russia. We then guaranteed Ukraine’s security, and now we are fulfilling those guarantees.

We have provided about $70 billion in aid and plan on giving another $50 billion in economic and military aid. This aid is well spent since Ukraine is fighting to counter and deter Russian expansionist goals in Eastern Europe. If Ukraine goes down Eastern Europe could be next. This would require a response from NATO countries, including the US, which would precipitate WW III.

Kevin McCarthy, the presumptive speaker of the House of Representatives, and the far right Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus, including the extremist Marjorie Greene, want to cut back our commitment to Ukraine. This highly partisan, short-sighted, and naive position loses sight of the world’s geopolitical situation. It would endanger Ukraine and Europe and encourage other bad actors in the world like China, North Korea and Iran to commit aggression with impunity to further their expansionist objectives.

Ukraine president Zelensky is committed to defending his country. Congress and the American people should realize the strategic importance of saving Ukraine from the clutches of a Russian tyrant.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH  


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