Yes! Divided we Stand: Why?

Denys Springer is an educator and freelance writer trained in social sciences, labour studies and industrial relations, education, conflict, resolution, and mediation. Denys Springer lectures part-time at the Open Campus UWI in Saint Lucia on supervisory management – the psychology of management.

By Denys Springer

Emphatically, the prime minister of Saint Lucia lacks the understanding that power without principle will inevitably lead to corruption. And as observed in many instances, when systems and procedures are dismantled under this so-called United Workers Party (UWP) administration, the bottom of the barrel is exposed.

The lack of principle and policy leads to political expediency seen recently with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, donated by Barbados and Dominica – to which UWP political operatives were vaccinated ahead of frontline workers and medical staff, and broadcast on national television.

The other circumstance that occurred last week surrounds the seemingly “corruption of sand minding/desilting in the community of Piaye, to which Cabinet ministers were caught in conflicting stories, blatant lies and deceit.” The normalcy of corruption is simply unacceptable by party hacks and henchmen.

Yes! Divided we Stand.

At 42 years of independence, Saint Lucia has been dealt a severe blow with the elk of the Allen Chastanet-led administration. Sadly, four years ago, many voted for a political party that promised to reduce the country’s debt down and also promised to bring down crime, alongside a ‘five to stay alive’ slogan. In reality, the opposite is true. Saint Lucians were tricked. And now, we must make amends knowing that restitution is a costly process.

Inferior education, poor housing, unemployment, inadequate healthcare, more severe with coronavirus – a bitter component of the oppression that has been perpetuated by an uncaring government. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has left the government of Saint Lucia imprudent on health and economic measures.

James MacGregor Burns in his landmark book “Leadership” wrote, “leadership is leaders inducing followers to act for certain goals that represent the values and the motivations – the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations of both leaders and followers”.

Abraham Lincoln articulates: “A house divided against itself cannot stand. Our cause must be entrusted to and conducted by its own undoubted friends whose hands are free, whose hearts are in the work – who do care for the result”. Lincoln was adamant and emphatic when he said, “surround yourself with people who really know their business and avoid “yes” men”.

Deplorably, the prime minister is floundering with – Yes Men and “A”- lickers, selfish bigots who don’t think of country but for themselves.

Yes! Divided we Stand.

Celebrating 42 years of independence, I questioned: “What independence”? Over the last four-and-a-half years we have witnessed a bunch of Uncle Toms in the so-called UWP. I have also come to the realization that the UWP as envisaged by the founding fathers, Sir John Compton, Henry Giraudy and others are no more. Instead, what we have is a party of nincompoops, reprobates, dishonest morons and fly by night men and women who refuse to set free from the shackles of the colonialist.

Some Caribbean countries have been able to release themselves from mental slavery as recommended by Bob Marley. However, the prime minister seemingly runs the country in the manner that the colonial masters did and as referenced “colonialism had a conscience”. In contrast to the founding fathers of the UWP and the leadership style of an unshakable commitment to rights and freedoms.

Donald Phillips in his book on Lincoln quoted James Macgregor Burns, “that the most important influences on the shaping of leaders lie almost wholly in their early years” he observed that with Gandhi, Lenin and Franklin Roosevelt.

Joel M Chanon in his book symbolic Interactionism is of the view that “without social interaction, society ceases to exist where cooperation is replaced by social conflict there is no society.”

It is clear to everyone that there is no trust and credibility in the government of Saint Lucia. Everything they do or say is immediately treated with skepticism.

Yes! Divided we Stand.

COVID-19 has become a preface for electioneering with a road-building programme but no wage subsidy, economic stimulus packages for SMEs, neither a plan out of lockdown and a “State of Emergency”. Yet, UWP supporters will quickly tell you that the government is creating jobs. But for whom? While convinced that winning an election seems a high value that must be achieved at all cost.

My approach in this article is intended to provide an enlightened response to the injustice and barbarism of the cruelty that is being displayed by the Chastanet-led administration.

Rules must be imposed that are fair for all rather than – might is right. It cannot be might is right. Under the rights approach, the system should provide procedures and rules designed to treat people fairly, regardless of their class or creed. The rule of law suggests that laws rather than force governs people.

The Chastanet-led administration has become renowned for bluffing, not realizing that bluffing is related to crookedness and even goes further, in that, rather than simply withhold information inadvertently provide misinformation. And aside from being led by foreign advisors and marketing experts, the UWP administration has failed to show respect, act modestly and display an altruistic belief in the people of Saint Lucia.

It should be retold that “half-finished work generally proves to be labour lost”. Lincoln believed that sincerely; and that is what is happening with the “road works program” – in time, that will be labour lost. Another of Lincoln’s maxim relevant to all leaders that are humbly and have not allowed power to get to their heads is that “when you reach your vision don’t shoot too high. Aim lower and the common people will understand you. They are the ones you want to reach – at least they are the ones you ought to reach”.

Yes without a doubt “Divided we Stand”, because of the lack of policy and a clear vision at independence 42.

The wisdom of Solomon Chapter 3 verse 10-11, says: “The ungodly, however, will get the punishment their wicked thoughts deserve because they rebelled against the lord and ignored what was right. A man who has no use for wisdom or education has a miserable life in store for him. He has nothing to hope for. His labors are useless and he will never accomplish anything worthwhile.”

I want to remind UWP supporters and non-progressives in the spirit of Georg Hegel: “The Phenomenology of Mind” is never at rest but always engaged in ever progressive motion, in giving itself a new form.


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