OAS approves declaration on defense of democracy in Ecuador

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador, José Valencia

WASHINGTON, USA — The permanent council of the Organization of American States (OAS), on Tuesday approved the Declaration on the Defense of Democracy and Social Peace in the Republic of Ecuador and received a presentation from the minister of foreign affairs and human mobility of Ecuador, José Valencia.

The approved declaration “welcomes the agreement reached on October 13, 2019, by the government of Ecuador and indigenous organizations, with the good offices of the United Nations Office in Quito and the Episcopal Conference, which has restored peace and tranquility in the country.” It also expresses support “for the democratic regime in Ecuador, its legitimately constituted government and its president Lenín Moreno Garcés.”

The Declaration was approved by acclamation after the presentation of minister Valencia, who detailed the events that occurred in recent days in his country. The document also urges the government and people of Ecuador “to maintain a robust defense of the democratic order, the rule of law, and respect for human rights, which constitute the best guarantees for peace and social progress in freedom of the nations of the Americas.”

The approved document expresses the rejection of member countries of “any action aimed at destabilizing the legitimately established government and the rule of law, as well as any kind of interference that alters democracy and peaceful coexistence in Ecuador,” and condemns “all acts of vandalism perpetrated” in recent days.

OAS General Secretariat statement on the situation in Ecuador




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