St Lucia government in disarray: Third sitting of parliament postponed

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (left) and US Ambassador to Saint Lucia Linda Taglialatela – on Island June 18, 2021.

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TORONTO, Canada – The Allen Chastanet administration, the parliament and governance of Saint Lucia is in anarchy, with the third consecutive postponement of scheduled sittings of parliament, absent any substantive reasoning.

The note to members of parliament June 21, reads:

“Dear Honourable Members,

“I am directed by the Honourable Speaker of the House of Assembly to give notice that the Sitting of the House of Assembly scheduled for Tuesday, June 22, 2021, has been postponed. Mr Speaker apologized for any inconvenience this may cause.”

On background, the much-publicized and questionable scheduled sittings of the House of Assembly June 8, 15, 22, 29 – from inception was unique in historical context. It remains elusive on the next schedule.

In keeping with the constitution of Saint Lucia, parliament shall be dissolved on July 12, if not before and general election thereafter, not exceed 90 days, October 12, 2021. But, albeit the announcement of an election date and infraction of civil liberty in a police state, comes the very conspicuous – COVID-19 protocols for campaigning.

Saint Lucia remains in an ungovernable situation with an expired administration, non-resolution of ORC/IMPACS – COVID-19, the burden of debt, crime, drug trafficking and now, the third consecutive postponement of parliament – speculations are warranted.

While many are afraid to be on the record in a democracy known for political retribution, there are backstories to the invisible Flambeau Forum over the weekend. Additionally, sources reveal certain parliamentarians are unhappy about their political future and the prime minister.

Some of the United Workers Party (UWP) parliamentarians are about to either – jump ship / cross the floor and/or register a vote in parliament on various bills listed.

“… the minister of finance considers it necessary to borrow from the European Investment Bank the sum of EUR 13,500,000.00 to finance emergency operating expenses in the health sector related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic … the loan is repayable over a period of twenty years from the date of first disbursement of the loan inclusive of a four year grace period; …”

The Chastanet administration is deemed indisposable to its political base, are desperately looking for reassurance and a Hail Mary. But not even the announcement by US ambassador to Saint Lucia, that the “US has lifted partial sanctions on Saint Lucia” can give life to an unpopular administration, facing defeat at the polls.

Notwithstanding the announcement that was received with banter, ‘St Lucia is still subject to Leahy Law despite additional forms of appeasement’. Thus, the US “has succeeded in offering Saint Lucia all carrots, while keeping the stick.”

Meanwhile, prime minister Chastanet is looking for achievements in the wilderness he is unable to call general elections, with nothing substantive to show; except debt, squander of Saint Lucia’s resource with contempt.

Democracy is in peril in Saint Lucia with a clumsy and inept prime minister and administration that has expired their usefulness in a five-year term – June 6, 2021. Conversely, the prime minister has thus exceeded whatever political capital he once had.

It is now campaign season – every parliamentarian is fighting for his/her soul, while the prime minister has purposely chosen to cling to power.

The timing of general elections in the hands of the prime minister. The electorate will convene as prescribed by law, with or without the repressive apparatus exert on the human conditions of Saint Lucia by the government.

Recognizing the autonomy of the opposition and the pluralism of political ideas – Saint Lucians’ await the opportunity to exhale in the ballot box.

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