St Lucia has a new police commissioner

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (left) and former Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Internal reports indicate that the prime minister of Saint Lucia has had his wish [his man of choice] with the appointment of Milton Desir as the new police commissioner, of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), replacing Severin Moncherry. The appointment is said to be effective Monday, February 15, 2021.

Severin Moncherry is expected to play the role of “special advisor to the prime minister on security matters”, a playbook we have seen before that is largely insignificant.

Moncherry, turns 55, on June 8, 2021, the official retirement age of the public service. Moreover, the mandate of the government of Saint Lucia expires July 11, 2021, and election held on or before October 11, 2021.

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Last September 8, 2020, then deputy commissioner Desir proceeded on pre-retirement leave. He was “recalled” on September 21 as deputy commissioner of police (DCP) reportedly, “following a request by the ministry of home affairs.”

There are very competent officers waiting – and deserving of the opportunity. Therefore, there are many inferences to be drawn from this development that surrounds the question: What special skillset does former acting commissioner of police Desir has that is not available in the RSLPF?

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According to sources and by the actions of the government of Saint Lucia the new commissioner is seemingly the “flavour of the party” a good “student of instructions” and “a rubber stamp of the political directorate.”

In a request for comment, a member of the RSLPF said: “It is seemingly rewarding for doing their bidding; a reasonable pre-positioning for the upcoming general elections and allegedly a return favour of a well-known campaign secret. Notwithstanding, the public support and promotion from Hermangild Francis, minister for home affairs, justice and national security. The RSLPF and national security is certainly in disarray.”

The new commission is not expected to make a dent in the disarray of the RSLPF in the context that Saint Lucia police are still subject to US sanctions; and that the status of IMPACS investigation is also relevant to Saint Lucia and the Global Magnitsky Act?

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Meanwhile, the government of Saint Lucia continues to make bad policy and unpopular decision, it is empirical of the madness from one extreme to the other of an ill-defined administration.

The renowned, Jason Sifflet, wrote recently: “ The UnitedWorkers Party (UWP) government has squandered the Mandate of Heaven. In fact, they never had it. They only won because of Kenny Anthony’s annoying habit of waiting too long to call elections.

“But now, as ever, Chastanet is busy destroying himself and John Compton’s party, aided and abetted by an ever-smaller coterie of social media sycophants whose strategy seems to be ‘Let’s attract votes by pissing off everyone who doesn’t bow down to the white-pharaoh shogun plantation owner.’

“The spirit of John Compton is now operating in a man who spent his life and made his name fighting John Compton. The party of John Compton is now bereft of his spirit and devoid of his talent. And wisdom has no partisan preference. The Mandate of Heaven is biased only to the wise.”


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