Taiwan: A friend in need is a friend indeed: Part 2

Denys Springer (L) with President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen

By Denys Springer

Considering the size of Taiwan 36,197 square kilometers, length 396 kilometers and width 144 kilometers; the highest peak is Jade mountain 3,952 meters (the same name as one of our top hotels on the island) in close proximity to the loveliest twin peaks in the world and a UNESCO heritage site in Saint Lucia. At least we have something in common.

Taiwan is one of the world’s powerhouses and is the 21st largest economy as of 2019. It spends 3.5 percent of its GDP on Research and Development (R&D) and has allowed at their expense research fellows from other countries to undertake various research at some of their top institutions. I have had the privilege of going to the IIR – Institute of International Relations – National Chenghi University where I met foreign minister Dr Joseph Wu and introduced me to many top DPP members. On my second fellowship, I went to Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s top research institute where I felt honoured to have attended a research establishment.

Taiwan is a leader in technological innovation and home to the world’s largest chipmaker. Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co. ltd (TSMC) deals with both Apple and BroadCam (American co). Taiwan is the world’s most valuable semiconductor manufacture and the largest dedicated (pure Play) semiconductor foundry. TSMC has announced that it will build a chip manufacturing plant in Japan to boost its production levels during the global semiconductor shortage that’s affecting industries of all types.

Many countries of the world have expressed support for Taiwan to take a more active role in the international community. Japan has become a close ally of Taiwan and is prepared to come to their help whenever the need arises. What is also noticeable is that India has moved closer to Taiwan in the last year and is now part of a big semiconductor alliance with Taiwan. We are even seeing that one of the smallest countries in Europe Lithuania is making clear that they will not observe the One-China policy. And Australia is also becoming a friend of Taiwan because of its strong values.

I now say to Xi Jinping; if you ever attack Taiwan you will certainly bring onto yourself and the world, a third world war if you have not already done so with the coronavirus. China can huff and puff but they know – to attack Taiwan will also be attacking China itself because in the electronically savvy world they would be finished.

What is amazing is that on December 13, 2016, – 165 countries and territories have accorded visa-free entry visas and/or visa privileges to ROC passport holders.

China is putting pressure on countries all over the world by trying their best to impose a “One China Policy” based on a 1992 consensus. That is why China continues to “bribe” other countries or threaten them in observing that one-China policy – just as they manufactured an ancient document to show that 90 percent of the South and East China sea belongs to them and have been going through a form of a military escapade to give the impression that they are prepared to go to war on that issue.

When countries refuse to accept such a demand China says that these countries are interfering in their internal politics. They are even prepared to give the impression that Taiwan is a breakaway province of China which is sheer poppycock. China should better put in their thick skulls that Taiwan is not China but Taiwan and yes there is only one China and that is the mainland of China.

What we see quite clearly with China is that “dishonesty” is like a stream that runs full during a thunderstorm, however, if ever that it goes dry nothing comes out of it. Yet during that thunderstorm when it is raining, it takes everything in its way. It is the same with China who is gradually being left without friends’. Except for seemingly, “disloyal and dishonest countries” because they either owe China, or some of their high ranking officials are being given heavy “monetary backhanders” by China.

What I clearly say to all, running dry day by day China’s economic situation is worsening as more and more industries and factories are getting out of China as fast as they can. The money well is drying fast. Tony Abbott in recent remarks made it clear that China’s sensing that its relative power might have peaked, its population ageing, its economy slowing and finances are creaking. I too believe that Xi Jinping needs something to lash on for survival.

There is growing unrest among many Chinese on the mainland who are now seeing him as a threat to their survival. They don’t have the money they once had to “bribe” countries, more so, those in Africa, because one by one they are beginning to abandon them. Why? They have used Africa for their own gains and have brought nothing to the people on the whole.

That is why – I say to the new government of Saint Lucia that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and therefore, Taiwan has shown to us over the last 15 years and nearly all Saint Lucians have been touched by their support. Taiwan’s gratitude, in financial terms and/or technical support, has made an imprint on the minds of all Saint Lucians.

However, Taiwan needs to know that the government of Saint Lucia will stand by them and speak on their behalf at International forums. Taiwan needs full support in the face of China’s bullying and intimidatory tactics by Xi Jinping and the higher echelon of the Chinese Communist Party who are now simply desperate on all fronts, who now see Taiwan as a target in their quest to bring about some form of nationalism.

Again, I want to say to China that Taiwan has been with Saint Lucia through thick and thin and they have also supported us fully together with other Caribbean islands like St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, including Belize. Therefore, we owe Taiwan a great debt of gratitude. We should be making every effort to have a memorandum of understanding to that effect. This will enable not only the government of Taiwan to feel that they can use their taxpayers’ money to help a dear friend but also businesses in Taiwan who want to invest in Saint Lucia can do so without the thought that every time the island has an election, a change of government may mean that diplomatic relations – is a determining factor of the new government. We have to find a way to solidify our relationship and turn it into a meaningful one.

Before concluding, I want to send a strong message to the seemingly “madman and psychopath” who is now the false emperor of China, Xi Jinping to be careful how he treads. Your economic problems in China are mounting and if you are thinking that threatening Taiwan will help you on a nationalistic fervour be careful because the world is waiting for you and any attack on Taiwan is an attack on the world therefore do not underestimate the US, Australia, India, and Japan who will come to Taiwan’s aid immediately.

There are others like Vietnam and European countries like Britain and France who have made their presence felt in the South China Sea. They will also be there to help Taiwan.

I am sure that China is aware that Taiwan will also make every effort to defend itself because the people of Taiwan see themselves as Taiwanese and; therefore, 95 percent will stand with their government. I say to Xi Jinping to stop the bullying and intimidating tactics on Taiwan; and instead, try to sort the economic problems in China. I, therefore, say that hatred and bitterness will abound for China from sheer stupidity to attack Taiwan and in furtherance of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world will not stand by and accept this act of aggression. The newly form Quad and other groupings will stand by Taiwan. I say to Xi Jinping, – you have been warned – pull back and sort out your internal problems to bring China back on keel. I pray and hope that you will come to your senses because you may harm, Taiwan but you will destroy China and yourself forever.

In closing, I want to make a plea on Taiwan’s 10/10 auspicious occasion. I plead with Taiwan to make a concerted effort to help Saint Lucia’s prime minister, Philip J Pierre and to continue support of the people of Saint Lucia, as we undertake a change of government. The present government was left with very little financially, the institution of governance and democracy, and requires tremendous support from a great friend – Taiwan. We cherish your friendship. I, therefore, want to request on behalf of all my fellow Saint Lucians that  Taiwan in its mercy and compassion can donate an MRI machine for our new hospital that needs modern medical equipment. At present, it is very difficult to have an MRI in Saint Lucia. Patients have to travel to Martinique or Barbados.

We also need help in getting laptops for our children because their lessons are now online, part of the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, I want to ask for more help as far as the Covid-19 situation is concerned. Taiwan has given a tremendous amount of help in the past, but that is even more needed especially with the level of infections and deaths.

I want to point out that only last week, instead of China celebrating its 72 years since the founding of the PRC –  Taiwan witness more provocation in its air space. The United States has said that it is concerned by China’s provocative actions after Taiwan claimed some 93 Chinese military planes had flown into its air defence zone in three days. Foreign minister Joseph Wu has made that clear. The US state department called the actions destabilizing and reiterated its rock-solid commitment to Taiwan, a sovereign state.

I want to say to the powers that be in Taiwan that I can assure you that Saint Lucias’ prime minister and the government will stick by your country through thick and thin. We believe in democracy, sovereignty, equal rights and freedom; that you have achieved, to become a prosperous democratic country.

Our country foresees the benefits to work with Taiwan – invest in the semiconductor industry and technology, as well as being a major supplier of goods and services across the industrial spectrum.

In closing, let me extend my good wishes and may you continue to live a life that is without provocation and intimidation tactics by China’s belligerent policy and muscle-flexing. Might is never always right. The actions adopted by China of force submission is not productive. The soul and minds of young Taiwanese are now hardened because they are Taiwanese and nothing else.

To my dear friends, the president and the people of Taiwan, we support Taiwan’s democratic rights and freedom. Our government is expected to be alongside Taiwan, through thick and thin. The Holy Spirit is on our side. We have an honest prime minister in the person of Philip J Pierre. And to my Taiwanese friends, have faith, because we believe we will defeat the evil that is being perpetrated against you. I believe that you and Taiwan, will be even stronger in years to come. There is no doubt about that.

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